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21 April 2008

Addition to the household

That's Cassius, so named due to the fact that he is a polydactyl cat. Extra claws. On one paw he has seven and on the other he has eight. Apparently this will make him quite a climber. How does this make him named Cassius? It looks like he's wearing boxing gloves. So he's Cassius Clay. SPC's kids had no idea who that was, but they JCK knew who Muhammad Ali was. I'm pushing for having him outside ASAP, I don't like litter boxes.

26 March 2008

Global Warning

In the wake of today's revelation on the massive sheet of ice that detached it's self from Antarctica, I thought I'd weigh in with my opinion of Global Warming. It's happening. The world is getting warmer due to the emission of green house gasses by the human race (and to a lesser extent animals. Let's not forget the methane expelled by millions of stock animals. That we eat. Yummy lamb.) The water running off from glaciers is accelerating the melting of glaciers in two different ways, thus causing sea levels to rise at an even faster pace. The ice on Greenland could cause sea levels to rise by up to 10ft over the next few hundred years. Polar bears are losing habitat at an alarming rate. We've heard all the horrible news. And hot damn is it scary. I'm a wilderness lover, and the loss of the habitats to wild animals is also a loss to me as a place to visit. It will depress me the day that I backpack through the desert of the Sierra Nevada.
HOWEVER. Mother Nature will be the last to laugh. She has historically proved that she has no compunction about flushing everything and everybody. So does this mean we shouldn't worry about it and keep right on keeping on? Almost. By doing what we can to preserve our environment we essentially are buying time for....A miracle? Even cutting emission at this point, from what I've read, it's seems that the problem is pretty advanced, that we are more or less going to have to suffer the consequences of the actions of our ancestors and ourselves. Hopefully this lesson will be learned by future generations and they will continue to carry the torch of renewable resources, clean burning cars, responsible land stewardship, and environmental policies that, as the Great Law of the Iroquois states "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.".

20 March 2008

Work Out!!

Met up with CB today for a track workout. We did a warm up, then the "corners" drill. Run the edge of the pitch, exercise at the corners. Abs here, push-ups there, core here, pull-ups there. It's been a while since we worked out. I'll be sore tomorrow. It was nice to catch up with him. I hadn't seen him in several months. Seems to be how I've been with a few to many of friends. I'm working on it.

The early part of my afternoon was not spent climbing. It was, instead, spent cutting back ivy and reclaiming the backyard at the triplex. Runt and I spent two hours hacking away at the shrubbery. We found the rock walls under the ivy, the metal fence hidden away behind the bushes, the prickly bush at the bottom of the backyard. That one wasn't so fun. All told we filled the green waste bin, and NINE large garage bags, which we promptly dumped in the 'rents driveway. We entertained ourselves with a discussion about who was going to have an allergic reaction first. I think she won. I imagine her husband isn't going to be as excited about my work with the hedge trimmer as I was. Oh well, I had fun and hanging with the sis always rocks.

Need to shower and hit the rack for some sleep.

13 March 2008

Wow, so Pushy

Fine then. A juicy tid bit. One of my, eh, more recent posts was a Top Ten of sorts and my number 10 was that I wasn't sure I'd ever fall in love again. Of course realisticly I knew it was unlikely that I wouldn't, but at that point ( a year ago ) it had been four years since I had met anyone who really made me feel alive. My dating life was going well enough, but in January of last year I had been seeing someone who played a few to many games and really wasn't clear with me about what she was looking for, so I decided to go on a hiatus. For the remainder of February through the begining of May. Three and a half months. Good, no more worries about the ladies. No dates, no drunk dialing, just me. However, shortly there after I had the good fortune to join a indoor soccer team. At our first team meeting I was talking with my friend PK, when two ladies who were on our team walked in. Immediately I asked him what their stories were. I got the back ground on both of them and asked more questions about one, Susan. The season began, and was certainly more attracted to her as time progressed, but my darn hiatus kept me from taking the iniative. I had told my roommates, and almost anyone that would listen, that I was on hiatus, BUT if she asked me out, then all bets were off. Well she asked me out and on April 7 last year, and our first date was on April 14 and is still going on. So I'll let you know how it goes when our first date is over. :P

12 March 2008

Figured I'd have to come in under

The year mark. I think I barely beat it. Anyhow, as I'm sure you can imagine a wee bit has happened in the past year. This isn't going to be a huge post, in fact it's going to end shortly, it's after 10 and I need to get some sleep. Still alive and plugging along in life. More of the interesting stuff later.

27 March 2007

The Y.F.C.

Do you know what a Y.F.C. is? I didn't. Not until about a year ago. Apparently I was not the only one caught unaware. I was out to dinner with some friends and the check came. Dividing up the bill, we each owed a particular amount. We all broke out our wallets scrounging for change, and I believe it was AC who said "All I have are YFC's." Huh? What's that? A Yuppie Food Coupon. Huh? A $20 bill. It has now become a bit of "parlance of our times". However, I don't think it has swept the rest of our pop culture society in the same way that WTF? has. Now for those of you who climb in the Friday Gang, there is usually a ", Mate" added to the end the WTF, referencing the video involving nuclear warheads that made it's way around the internet a few years back.

Upon further review, the video only uses WTF, Mate once and WTF twice. Anyhow, I've dropped the term Y.F.C. at work a few times and have had to explain it everytime. I think I'll use it more often and try to spread the love.


20 March 2007

I've said it before,

And I'll say it again. NOTHING in the world funnier than a nut shot.

Slalom Skier Nutshot - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Listen for the scream.

11 March 2007


So last night was S&S house warming party. I hadn't planned on staying particularly late, but ended up leaving at about 2, and it was actually three. Not bad on most weekends, but I told CB that I would take him to the airport. In San Fran. At 5. AM. He was nice and let sleep till 5:15. The drive over was smooth as was the return trip. I got back to sleep around 6:20. At 9:30 the manager of my football team called to inform me that the game was canceled, so pick up was on at Witter. I got up and felt like I had a hangover. The annoying part was that I only had one beer last night. Just unfair to have the slight headache, aversion to light and general moodiness associated with a night of good drinking. I need to eat.

27 February 2007

Comfy, comforting, contained........

Excitement. Today, this weekend, April, for a while.

Today. I made my bed (shaddup). Changed the sheets, put on the duvet cover ( I always struggle with this). Puffed up the feather bed, rotated the mattress. So excited, my bed will be so comfy tonight. It's like four feet tall. :D

This weekend. I have Sat, Sun, Mon off. I'm going to Hawaii. The Cuz is free, WB is free. It's on like Donkey Kong. I get in Friday night at 9:45, have a few beers, sleep. SCUBA on Sat am. No plans the rest of the weekend. My flight leaves Mon night at 9:45 and I arrive at SFO at 4:45am on Tue. Straight to work. Comforting to see the Cuz and WB.

April. I'm going to Nicaragua with E&ML to see M's family. It'll be the first time that E is meeting them. He's a bit nervous. They are going to get married for her family while we are there. I'm really excited about this trip. We'll be staying with M's family, and perhaps hitting Grenada. Diving? Contained.

For a while. I have Sun/Mon off as my new schedule. I don't know how long that will last, but I'm hoping for the long-term. It's nice to have a weekend again. I don't feel rushed to finish my laundry on Sunday and it gives me the chance to run away should I choose (see This Weekend)

Off to dinner at Barclay's with the Climbing Crowd.

22 February 2007

I'm a lemming!! I'm a lemming!!!

Got this from SH:
RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1) When I shower in the morning (which is EVERYDAY), I wash my body in the exact same order. I wash between each of my toes and the under part of the toes and the foot. I used to have REALLY smelly feet. Now, not so bad. I also wash my pits twice. For other people's benefit. My family is the only group who seem to think I smell.

2) If it wern't for dinner, I'd eat almost the same thing every single day I work. I eat a bowl of cereal and soymilk in the morning before I go to work. Then around 8am I eat my yogurt. Into the yogurt I dip my banana. I experimented with cutting the banana up and putting it in, but that just didn't work. After eating the banana, I put in some GrapeNuts. About 11am, I eat either an apple or an orange and I eat the other with my peanut butter and honey sanwich between 12:30 and 1. I also eat my carrots at this time. Of these basic daily items the cereal, soymilk, yogurt, bread, peanut butter, apple, banana and orange are organic. The GrapeNus are not, but I can't find a good subsitute. The honey is also not certified organic, but there are very few that are.

3) I listen to music while going to sleep every night. I don't need it to fall asleep, but I like listening. Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack, Coldplay, and Paul Simon dominate the late night playlist.

4) I pick my nose. Without shame.

5) I have more hair on my feet than I do on my legs. Actually, that's not a fact I hide. I like my hairy feet. It's on the second digits of my toes and along the edges. A relative of mine had feet that compared to mine in their hairness, but he waxes them now. Cheater.

6) I don't workout as much as people think I do. That being said, I won't quit.

7) I love kids. They scare me. I hate the future for them. I think they're awesome. I worry to much.

8) I would love to go stay at a four star hotel in a posh European city, go to a spa, get a massage, eat at many fancy restaurants, drink lots of fantastic wine. But I can never get the idea of how many months exploring a third world country it would cost me out of my head.

9) I have a huge number of friends. Of course this depends on how you define friend. And by my definition, I have a huge number. And yet there are times when I feel alone and can't bring myself to call any of them.

10) I want to be in love. I once knew what it was like. Now, at times I feel like I'll never know again. I see ATMT, SHEC, ACBC, CBNB, ELML, and other couples I know, and I want that. This probably suprises many people, but some people not so much.

I'll tag: whoever it is in Tasmania that's reading (really I want to know who you are, but I think you have a PhD.), KJJ (yea, you.), Casa Caudill, KV of RWC, my Aunt, and four other random readers. Post it here, you don't have to say who you are. Leave me a hint if I know you.